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Eric "The L Word" Lively's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Eric "The L Word" Lively

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KTNXBYE MARLA [06 Sep 2006|01:39am]
[ mood | WHATEVER MAR ]

Dear Marla Sokoloff,


Wouldn't it be funny if this was my last post ever, just out of spite?

Don't you have a husband to annoy?!

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I just watched Hitch last night [06 Jul 2006|01:58am]
[ mood | quixotic ]

I've always wanted to do a film that roughly features my name in the title. Call it what you will, but I admit it's sheer vanity and not my boyish charm. It's not the whole thing, but if I keep bucking against the grain, maybe someday. All of this is to say that I managed employment in an indie feature called Live!

Not only am I in a mockumentary that gets people to play Russian Roulette for cash (reality television is only a step away), I am now one Kevin Bacon degree away from Will Smith. Thank you, Eva Mendes, I stalked you only out of respect. I can also say the same in regards to Joss Whedon, because Mr. Universe was on set, too. Hi, David Krumholtz.

It's good to have a manly character name like Brad. Brad is a quarterback of the high school football team kind of name. Brad will kick your ass and sleep with your girlfriend. That's pretty bad ass, because something needs to make up for those Modern Men Cosby sweaters.

This year has been a daze. Between cancellations and propositions, I just want to watch Project Runway. Who wants to throw cold water and pin me to the ground? Something needs to wake me up.

Also, I heard a rumor I'm banging Erin Daniels. erin_daniels, how am I? Add her, because she's fabulous.

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Sigh I missed 6/6/06 [07 Jun 2006|04:09am]
[ mood | busy ]

I'm kind of disappointed the world didn't end. I feel cheated. Religion, you owe me one Apocalypse. Buffy got one every season.


I'm done filming and I owe Justin Timberlake a party.

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[04 May 2006|04:41am]
[ mood | cold ]

After all of the nudges, I thought I should explain that something about the bitter cold, indie productions that take me TO THE ALPS SOB, and Michael Madsen made my connection shaky for a while. I was thawing out, okay. The next time someone asks me if I want to film a buddy-buddy film about a US down hill skier and pro snowboarder in Alaska, I will do like my mama told me and just say no. Unless Johnny Depp is in it. (Michael Madsen isn't the snowboarder, by the way, and that had me deeply distressed. I'll never trust my agent again.)

When Deep Winter comes out, you can see Eric lively: On Ice, but it will never be quite as embarrassing as this. I was young and I needed the money, I think, but I was probably pretty drunk and had lost a bet in college. (That also might explain one or two of my tattoos.) It was better than selling myself on a corner for a Heineken. I had a fabulous modeling career.

What did I miss?

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[05 Apr 2006|02:53am]
[ mood | quixotic ]

My friends list is nothing but anonymous and screened comment entries. That is perfectly fine. My mysterious nature appreciates and enjoys this, but I was raised Southern Baptist. I'm still afraid that if I do something without taking responsibility, God will come out of my closet and smite me down, probably with a large wooden paddle.

I don't want to be smited, because I've seemingly been banished to Alaska and I don't want to see what's worse. I'm Southern, and we don't handle the cold well.

So, leave me comments. Just because I am pretty awesome. Something random, a confession, a job offer, anything. Comments are not screened and they're not anonymous. I'll probably say nice things in return.

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Black and whites of New York [16 Mar 2006|12:40am]
[ mood | busy ]

If you haven't already friended my sister, bllively, you should, or I will be the protective big brother and sell bad photographs of you to Star magazine.

My show died before it was born, but I'm not mourning the loss. Sitcoms are sitting in an awkward limbo as people are more interested in finding out who Simon Cowell will make cry next. The WB is about to Wonder Twin powers unite with UPN, and the show had many things working against it.

This is not news to me. There is a reason I've been in Canada for the last three months. You can still watch it this Friday at 9:30 for the short time it exists. Marla will tell you to watch just to see my wardrobe, but on the amazingly bright side, I will never have to wear that shit again.

Modern Men being canceled is still a reminder that I have the death touch to sitcoms. I now officially quit half-hour comedies until I change my mind. When I come back from Vancouver, I'm taking a retreat to New York and reminding myself that while acting is a nice side job, I'm a photographer at heart. (It also pays the bills.)

P.S. If anyone caught the last episode of The L Word, that hurt a lot to watch.

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I forgot where I was for a while [11 Mar 2006|01:36am]
I know no one's talking about the Oscars anymore, but my eyes only recently adjusted to light after a dark room coma. I wanted Brokeback Mountain to win best picture and for Jake Gyllenhaal to win best supporting actor and that says absolutely nothing about me.

James Franco, please direct more in the future. I fanboy The Ape.

I just wanted to say that I miss my L Word suits compared Modern Men's fucking wardrobeCollapse )

As the series progresses, I want to wear more like Michael Kors.
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March 17th at 9:30 PM on the WB: MODERN MEN [09 Feb 2006|01:01am]
[ mood | pimping ]

I'm at a point in my career where I've moved past Lifetime and onto B-level horror and direct-to-DVD sci-fi sequels. Smallville's Lois Lane and I are filming The Butterfly Effect 2. (Oh Canada, I can't ever leave you.)

I am the new Ashton Kutcher, and I'd like to thank a few lesbians in LA. I just hope I get to save Erica from herself a few times. I'd really like to be the new Clark Kent.

I almost didn't think about watching the Super Bowl on Sunday because Justin Timberlake wasn't going to be there ripping off someone's clothing on live television. It just wasn't worth it.

The real reason I'm updating is because my show, MODERN MEN, is actually being aired on the WB. Marla stars, too. (We'll probably date after Jane Seymour gives me shock therapy every time I mention my ex-wife. It will be very Ross and Rachel if we don't get canceled.) Initially, I had doubts it would make screen, but the WB probably didn't want to piss off Jerry Bruckheimer. Look! You can see the preview here. Watch as Marla forces three men into counseling! Be amazed as I stalk my ex-wife, and look really very gay in most scenes!

Marla Sokoloff is drop dead gorgeous in this show, so if you love her, you will watch the show (March 17th, the WB, at 9:30PM). Or she will cry, and I will give her access to scissors. If you watch the preview, you can also see me fondle a woman's ass, look like an ass, and push a woman into the bushes when I see my ex-wife driving by. I am very, very needy.

Clearly, this is my best work yet, particularly when I shush Jane Seymour. Really, I'm excited at the chance of working with these people again. They're all class acts and genuinely funny, so watch the show or Marla will cut you.

Modern Men. March 17. 9:30 PM. The WB.

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[25 Jan 2006|07:00pm]
If this merger of the WB and UPN turns my new show into a flashback of my was-there-an-episode? career of A Minute With Stan Hooper, I quit sitcoms for life.

And then I'm giving Marla Sokoloff a pair of scissors.

Watch Modern Men, coming sometime on the WB while it lasts, maybe.

ETA: I'm back like an addict to fine Columbian powder.

ps: Hi new people on Eric's friends list. Marla, aka me, added you because you are either interesting people that Eric should get to know, co-stars of Eric, or a combination of the two.
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Peace Out [15 Sep 2005|12:25am]
If you caught Speak and saw me A) kissing a 13-year-old actress and then B) playing a rapist...

...Well, that's what happens when you watch Lifetime.

Peace.Collapse )
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[16 Aug 2005|06:35am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Take the afternoon off tomorrow and go to see Supercross, because Sophia's starring in it is reason enough to see the film twice. Hot people and bikes, you know you want a piece of that.

My computer died faster than A Minute With Stan Hooper. I probably should have bought a new laptop instead of a house with a pond inside. I'll be back, but in the mean time I'll coerce my girlfriend to going to a local theater so we can see her movie with the public and throw popcorn at the people who talk during the film.

Then I'll see if Jane Seymour has a dog, because I already know I'll be babysitting Marla's pooch on set, sans Hello Kitty.

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I forgot to mention [04 Aug 2005|01:32am]
[ mood | hyper ]

I know I'm just another hick from Georgia, and I do try to be modest, but I bought myself a million dollar house in Venice for my birthday. Unfortunately it's Venice, LA and by LA pricing standards, it's a shack. But it's a shack with a pond in it.

Haha, my house has star power.Collapse )

Filming lesbian porn paid off.

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A unique shade of lime green [02 Aug 2005|07:44am]
[ mood | good ]

August arrives and I'm a year older to show for it. The death of summer and the slow swell toward winter, that's where my birth happened to fall. I feel appropriately older, like I've unlocked more of the secrets you're supposed to gain with age, the ones they tell you about when you're small. "You'll know when you're older." I've learned about personal responsibility and responsibility to the people. I think I know myself a little better, and I've come to better understand that lesbians are more than flannel shirts and pick-up trucks. Twenty-three came with opportunities lined the entire way, so much so that set backs can be ignored and the depression I suffered in my youth can just be attributed to a bittersweet lesson learned of a year older. I wish back then someone would have told me, 'when you step into adulthood, watch out for potholes.' But you live, you learn.

Thankfully, I can say I have lived. In a month alone, I've been from sea to shining sea and it seems like pretty people have lined the beaches. Cape Town was a trip into another culture and even North Carolina held people so different from California. Being away so long, when I first flipped on the lights to my LA studio, I expected them to flicker from disuse. They came on without any hesitation, because that's how easily I forget technology is simple and people are the complicated wonders of the modern age. There was dust on my equipment. And of those pretty people I'd met along way, it was only fitting the gem in the sand was the first led back to my art. Anyone can do candle light dinners and play the right music with the perfect wine, but a camera is something that takes the right hand. I'm a simple kind of guy and this was the gift I could think of. Capture a moment in photo and memory, I wanted her to remember the scent of the candles, the look on my face when I took her picture. Twenty years from now when she's showing these pictures to someone she cares about, she'd look at them and remember in perfect clarity what happened that night, down to the red on her cheeks when I whispered about her beauty under the light; that was my goal. There was no dust on my equipment that night.

I have a few prize moments of twenty-three--The L Word, my baby sister's first big movie, experiencing Africa, Justin Timberlake (in general)--but when I think of this year for me, I think of Sophia. She came into my life and settled here so quickly I wonder how we've only known each other since June. I would entertain the idea of reincarnation if someone would tell me with certainty we'd met in some other life. When I see her cry, the Leo in me rears back into this defensive position, I'd fight for her. When I see her smile, I'm tamed and I find the romantic in me wanting to come out. I've never been a rebel, unless you're still of the mind that tattoos are the marks of Satan, but I would pack a bag at moment's notice and travel the world with her. Home is where the heart is, and my heart travels well. I'd even bear a screaming kid on a plane for her, no matter how much her fake husband pays him for volume. I'm proud that she's on my arm when I go out, even if it's in a hot pink wig. To turn twenty-four with her was right where I wanted to be, and maybe even where I needed to be.

I can also say this year has brought the chance to discover new people. This year I learned that I've never been gayer than when I'm talking to Marla Sokoloff, and I've learned that if I ever need to dispose of a body, I'll call Ian Somerhalder, because he'll make a road trip out of it. Justin Timberlake can still make me dig out my Christmas album with 75% less shame to what manhood I have left after working with so many women.

It's August in LA, shooting for sweeps should start picking up again soon, I have a famous, beautiful girlfriend and I've just turned twenty-four. I'm willing and open for this year's batch of secrets.

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[08 Jul 2005|02:14am]
[ mood | artistic ]

I've never really been the best with words, which is probably why I take pictures for magazines instead of trying to write for them. So I'm going to try to keep this short rather than say something nowhere near coherent. Concise, but hopefully with the meaning I fully intend.

A few weeks ago I came from an empty hotel room in South Africa to someone's home. Not a lot of people are open to house guests they met only recently. But she took a leap of faith with me, that I wasn't really a serial killer behind the camera. In that short amount of time, I discovered an amazing woman. She's open, warm and takes the time to enjoy life. I won't project onto what this is, because I still don't know. It's an opportunity I haven't had in a long time, not since Natalia and that's been a while. I had tried to swear off women after that, but when does that kind of thing ever work out? I felt an ease with Sophia that I hadn't felt with a lot of women. She brings out the bright side in people, I can tell.

So, Sophia, happy birthday. Today starts a series of even better years for you, if only because I say so. I hope you don't have plans for tonight, because that surprise is still waiting.

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[03 Jul 2005|02:18am]
[ mood | impressed ]

For all that modern technology does for us, why do computers always crash when you're in the middle of something?

The only downside I can find to coming back to LA has been the jet lag that kept me down for a few days last week. When jet lag is defined in dictionaries, it sounds harmless. They completely leave out how disruptive and annoying it is. Especially when you're a successful actress's houseguest. Fortunately my body's adjusted again to the California lifestyle. I've let friends and family know I'm back in town, and I've been back and forth between my house, the family's, and Sophia's. My manly intuition was correct because shiny bobbles from South Africa did distract everyone long enough for me to reclaim my life outside of family.

I took Sophia out last Friday. Well, I accompanied her, really, since she drove in that car she loves. We cruised down Sunset for a while, because why the hell not? I think we reverted to twelve when we made up joking scenarios for the people we passed, including a group of hookers (was Hugh Grant's with them??), and we somehow ended up at the The Lava Lounge. Rockabilly and Hawaiian music all night. That's the kind of time I show a lady, a tiki bar tucked away in a strip mall. I run into a lot of women in Hollywood who are interested in nothing more than not ruining their perfect botox expressions or only hitting the A-list spots to maintain appearances. I like how laid back she is and that Sophia can laugh at herself. I always like a girl who can have fun, at the beach or at the grocery store. Where ever this is going, I at least know it will be a good time.

Completely unrelated, I was reminded a few days ago of another reason why it's nice to be home: I can once again wear Prada and Gucci without feeling completely overdressed. Killer dogs didn't allow for much designer clothing. That's a juxtaposition from The L Word. Mark wore Armani and filmed his lesbian roommates. Of course, I did have to strip completely naked in one episode. I think that was thrown in only to even the score for how many times the girls had been naked on screen. They're all about equality on The L Word.

Here's hoping I can keep my clothes on in Modern Men.

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[02 Jul 2005|01:03am]
[ mood | stealthy ]

In this pink wig...

No one will recognize me. Except maybe Sophia in her homeless-chic Johnny Depp poncho.

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[21 Jun 2005|03:05am]
[ mood | chipper ]

My family is very close, so I wasn't surprised when I received a long distance call from home demanding to know why I didn't call my dad on Father's Day. I forgot that I'm maybe nine hours ahead of them, and I called at 2AM. No one picked up. For the professions they're in, I would think my parents would've noticed earlier that their caller I.D. had died.

My relationship with my father is pretty average, but we're not as close as some of my other siblings. I have my space and he has his. We're very much like wolves with a pecking order. We respect that about each other, but we can still get along to make a kick ass BBQ. Because it's all about the BBQ when I blow into town. I just hope my dad can stand tacky nick-knacks made for tourists. The stamp 'South Africa' makes things look shinier than they really are. Foreign attraction to the exotic. I hadn't had much time to shop, so it's local handicrafts all around. (I did buy something for my little sister's graduation, though.)

I thought I had loose ends in Africa that would keep me here until the end of the month or later, but we managed to locate tape they thought had been damaged, and I did my last re-shoot. I have my bags (almost) packed and my ticket in hand. I should be arriving in LA today at 4 PM Pacific time. By today I mean Tuesday; the jet lag is going to kill me. But it will be good to be home. It's not really the sun or the beach I've missed, because Africa definitely has those, but it's the feel of the city. LA is insane with the glitz, glamor, and wild underground, but there's nowhere else like it. I think I may love it a little, despite the downside of transsexual hookers pawing at you every time you walk home.

Maybe I'm anxious to be home because sophiab is going to be the first person I see back. If every trip I took ended in being picked up from the airport by Sophia Bush, I'd have traveled a lot more often. Getting to spend your last night in South Africa talking to her isn't a bad way to leave the country either. Even if she does know how to make me blush. :x She's sweet, but assertive, and that's very attractive.

Marla Sokoloff offended me, also, and she knows why. :x

I do have AIM now, too. I'm easy-going, and I can talk a lot. I'm on at So Eric Lively. I do like bad puns on occasion.

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[16 Jun 2005|01:18am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

It's funny that I'm in South Africa shooting a film about super-intelligent killer dogs, and not just because of the film's subject matter. I'm working with some amazing people: Michelle Rodriguez, Oliver Hudson, Taryn Manning, and Hill Harper, and what's most surprising is that I'm acting. After Full House, I never wanted to act again. Hitting puberty and gaining a lot of weight when you first get into the business wasn't exactly a dream debut. All of my immediate family is involved in Hollywood, Mom and Dad, and all four siblings. I just wanted to lick the wounds I took from school and lose myself in photography.

Somehow I ended up as an Abercrombie & Fitch model and then in American Pie. Life's kind of funny like that.

I'm still amazed that I went from the kid everyone picked on in school with all these posters of pretty people on his wall to working as a somewhat respectable actor, amateur musician, and photographer to the stars. I still publish my photos under an alias, because I want those two parts of me to remain separate. I'm trying to preserve at least one part of who I was before I'm swallowed by who I am. It keeps my sanity when things are moving fast, and after how depressed I was doing So Weird, I don't want to go back there again. My little sister's career is just taking off and I want her to have a better time with it than I did at that age. For me, four years after So Weird, I want satisfaction and meaning from my work, something that comes from experience and making better decisions from lessons learned. This is why The L Word was such a golden experience; I get to better understand a world I didn't know and challenge people's perceptions the current climate toward homosexuals. The show makes a difference.

And okay, The Breed isn't exactly a meaningful storyline, but the opportunity to work with these people reduced me to "killer dogs bad, cast pretty." I can still be the kid with posters on his wall now and then. Luckily my mental scaring in high school is soothed by the chances I've had in recent years. The cast and crew of The L Word, Speak, the support of my family, The Breed, and soon Modern Men. Like I would be mellow dramatic when I now have the possible chance to be Marla Sokoloff's fake public boyfriend.

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